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Jennifer Lawrence's birth horoscope

Jennifer Lawrence birth horoscope analysis ( brief one)

A strong Jupiter is something we see in many actors’ horoscopes and also famous people in general. Jennifer’s Jupiter in Cancer is very strong because Jupiter’s exaltation sign is Cancer. On top of that she is blessed with a Venus Jupiter conjunction! This is one of the most abundant aspects one can have. Usually these people have it easy to attract pleasant relationships, money and resources. Neptune in the second house of income can be an indicator of earnings through the film industry since Neptune rules this industry.

The Sun in Leo is of course a quite obvious indicator of star potential- interest for acting and being dramatic! But this Sun has challenging aspects; in fact it is the focal planet of a loose T- square. Mars and Pluto are forming the squares to her Sun…Jennifer’s path to success in her profession has probably been a very challenging one. Once again a “successful” person with the T- square!!

This particular T- square can indicate a challenging relationship to the Father or another important male figure, but with the Sun in Leo as focal planet it tells us that this person has the potential to develop a much evolved creative expression. And she needs to do that also for her health.

Jennifer is also a very intelligent person. Mercury is exalted in Virgo and conjunct MC too! Not a person I would want to argue with. I think she would come with a lot of very well thought through arguments.

Another thing interesting is that Pluto in Scorpio is squaring her nodal axis, but with a very wide orb.

Much more to observe in Jennifer's chart. Please comment!

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