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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Full Moon in Pisces 14th September

That song from Freddie Mercury just popped up in my head when I was about to write about this upcoming full Moon.

This dreamy and idealistic full Moon creates a powerful T – square in the sky. The tension goes to the focal planet of the T- square which is Jupiter in Sagittarius. So if irritation and conflict arises for you (hopefully not) during this full Moon look at the house where Jupiter is transiting for you. ( Everyone has it somewhere) Something is tense there and needs to be addressed if you feel unbalanced. Otherwise the polarity between Virgo and Pisces is of course very much in action also.

How can you integrate these two signs into your life during this full Moon? A thug of war between what needs to be done and the urge to escape reality arises. Neptune conjunct the Moon in Pisces with Jupiter in the mix wants you to loose grip of reality for just a liittle while…hey meditation and music! - Excellent for this full Moon. While the Virgo planets on the other side is tapping you on the shoulder with the “To do list” Which side do you choose? A compromise is wisest during full Moons. As a whole a Pisces full moon is strong and magical. If you want to connect to other realities and dimensions this is the best full Moon for that.

Have a lovely magical full Moon in Pisces!

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