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Intense transformations Solar eclipse in Scorpio

Natalie Le Fay

Taurus, Scorpio special info

Eclipse season is fast approaching! This time around Taurus and Scorpio will be the most affected by this potentially life-changing solar eclipse on October 25. Eclipses are felt approximately 4 weeks before and after the actual event. The actual eclipse will be happening in the sign of Scorpio. Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio so therefore this sign will also be affected. Also people with Libra planets towards the very end of the sign. Other signs can also be influenced but in order to know the whole birth horoscope needs to wieved Also not all Scorpios and Taurus will be affected, it's a bit hard to say exactly who will be feeling this eclipse and not since it depends a lot on your general sensitivity as a person. But if you have planets very near to 2 degrees of Scorpio and/ or Taurus it's almost certain that you will undergo some sort of changes.

Eclipses often bring unexpected twists and turn in our lives. However despite how surprising these events may seem there is always a deeper and often very purposeful meaning to what is happening. If you’ve been postponing making important changes in your life, eclipses will “step in” and force the change upon you! And yes the changes can be both positive and negative. I’m planning to soon make a video about this eclipse, where I will talk more in-depth. So keep an eye open here on my page!

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