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Happy Birthday Aquarius! This is why we love you.

You are the true original of the Zodiac. Even if you have an ordinary job, and everything looks perfectly “normal”on the surface, you have either a quirky hobby, original relationships, or just a way of thinking and being that is unconventional or ahead of its time somehow.

The thing is that you are so intelligent that most people have problems to understand you, and that may make you feel misunderstood sometimes, but you shouldn’t think about that. You are not here to be ordinary, you are here to make progress for yourself and society. Some of your ideas and convictions may sound odd now but in a near future they will be considered genius, and they might very well be accepted as the ones that brought positive change.

You are humanist that cares for earth and humanity, and your gift here is your detachment. You can care and work for a good cause without getting too emotionally involved. That is truly a gift.

Socially you are a contradiction too. You love to be social and exchange ideas with others and its likely that you have a big network. BUT you care for your personal space and alone time. We others suspect that it is there during your solitude hours that you get all of your brilliant ideas.

If someone wants to be in a relationship with you they need to get these basic rules. Because it’s not like you NEED a relationship. But if a relationship can give you intellectual exchange, a portion of freedom, and friendship, its very likely that you choose to have one.

This was a general Sun sign description. To make a full horoscope analysis of any person we need birth time and location of birth.

I wish all Aquarians a happy birthday season!

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