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Gemini - Lucky Aldeberan is influencing your fate!

Depending on when you are born there’s a chance that your Sun falls in a part of the sky that contains very important and influential fixed stars.

Let’s take Gemini as an example. If you are born between May 28 and June 3rd Aldebaran a very lucky star influences your path and destiny. (Alternatively, you have your Moon or ascendant somewhere in between 7-12 degrees of Gemini.) Aldeberan is considered the luckiest star of all and promises success prosperity and abundance as long as you are not too selfish in your aims. If you are born under the influence of this star you should always take into account the best for others and humanity as a whole on your way forward in life. If you do so you have the possibility to experience abundance in this life!

Some other things that Aldeberan promises are notability and fame through keeping high integrity, intelligence, bravery, great gifts in speaking and writing - and convincing and alluring while doing so.

If you know that you are born between the dates that I state above ( or degrees) you can go one step further and see what specific part of your horoscope it falls in. (House and aspects for example) This way you get to know through which specific life areas and themes you can access the abundance of Aldebaran!

This was a short summary of the influence of Aldebaran, as always with Astrology there’s much more to say…

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