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Finding LOVE mini-lesson nr 2

How you can understand your inherent advantages and challenges when it comes to relationships. Through your birth horoscope of course, so If you have it at hand pick it up now! (I assume that you read my previous post on this subject, as this is a continuation of that one) The most important relationship planets are Moon, Venus & Mars. (Mars is extra important if you’re a man) The angles of the horoscope diagram are also important but now let’s focus on the planets. Look at the aspects to your Moon, Venus, and Mars. Are there mostly flowing or challenging aspects to these planets?

Flowing = trine, sextile Challenging = Square, opposition Neutral, or can go both ways = Conjunction

If you find that you have mostly challenging aspects, then you have some inner work to be done regarding relationships. If you do this work as specified by the planets and houses involved, your relationships will improve. If you have many flowing aspects then you have a lot of “gifts” when it comes to relationships. With that, I mean positive resources when it comes to relationships. And you can use those in order to create even better relationships. Most people have a mix of flowing and challenging aspects, but if you find that you have many challenging aspects, don’t despair! Now when you have it on print you can start working with it! And that’s more than most people have!

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