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Finding LOVE mini-lesson nr 1

I have received many questions about relationship potentials in the birth horoscope. So I thought I could go through a few simple ways on how you can understand your inherent advantages and challenges and so on when it comes to relationships. Through your birth horoscope of course, so If you have it at hand pick it up now!

1. Your 7th house - Do you have any planets there? If so, analyze the meaning of those specific planets. They will tell you a lot about your important themes in relationships in this lifetime. 2. What is the sign on your 7th house cusp? Even if you have no planets there, the sign will give you lots of information. These sign characteristics,( good and bad) will play out in relationships during the course of your life. You can improve your relationships by using the energy of the sign on your 7th house cusp in a positive way and try to avoid the negative expressions of that sign. 3. Analyze the planetary ruler of your 7th house. Say Pisces is the sign on your 7th house cusp. Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces. Where is Neptune found in your chart? Is it making easy or difficult aspects to other planets in your chart? The difficult aspects will show challenges you have to work through in relationships. The easy ones are resources you can use in finding a partner or maintaining an existing relationship.

This was just a very small sneak peek into analyzing relationships and love in a birth horoscope. It’s still about 90 percent work left to do in making a full analysis of relationship potentials in someone's birth horoscope. I might write more about this in the coming week so stay tuned! I also give individual lessons in interpreting your birth horoscope. You can book me per hour. It's very useful if you need more extensive help in reading your birth horoscope.

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