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Find your MONEY potential with the help of Astrology!

Let’s face it, we’re in an economic recession and it’s felt by most of us. But did you know that your birth horoscope shows in detail how and where you can earn lots of money? I will now give you a sneak peek into what I analyze when I do a Money & Career reading. Venus is a great indicator of how you can earn money. The House and sign placement of your Venus has to be analyzed, after that, we look at which planets aspect your Venus. These planets are key to your earning potential. A few examples: Venus with Neptune - Money through spirituality, film and glamour industries, pharmaceutical companies, secret or undeclared sources. Anything related to the sea. Music, dancing, painting - anything artistic basically Venus with Mars - Entrepreneurial pursuits and independent initiatives, working with metal or fire, (ex fire worker) military, police, sports and athletics, machines. Venus with Uranus - Money and earnings through anything high-tech, internet, computers, science, and scientific research, humanitarian pursuits and organizations, friends, innovation, Astronomy, and Astrology. Jobs related to flying, and machines that have to do with flying. Venus with Jupiter - A very lucky combination! Here you can make plenty of money in general, but in particular in the following fields: International trade ( export & import), publishing, work connected to belief and ideology, for ex-priest! Teaching in general. Venus with Moon - Money through anything that is traditionally female work. Cocking, - food in general, restaurants, housing-related businesses such as hotels or real estate. Marketing, or anything having to do with sensing what the public needs. The caring profession, or something that is connected to nurturing others emotionally. Venus with Sun - Leadership, management, or inspiring others in some kind of way.Leisure, hobbies and children, gambling. art, government work. Venus with Mercury - Earnings through all sorts of communication; Speaking and writing, teaching. Jobs that involve analyzing. Delivery and transport that is local. The whole service industry ( Many jobs included here obviously!) Media. Health industry such as exercise and diet. Computers.

Venus with Pluto - Occult, hidden and mysterious fields such as astrology or magic. Trauma and transformation work, for example, helping others to heal through psychology and psychotherapy. Business on a large scale. The sex industry, or other “Tabu” industries, surgery, mining, or other occupations that have to do with exploring and using valuable resources under the earth.

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