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Faith through dark times ~ Solar eclipse in Sagittarius

( Sagittarius, Gemini spec info) On December 4 we have the total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius happening.

Although eclipses are challenging in nature this particular solar eclipse has a background theme of luck and expansion, since it’s falling in the sign of Sagittarius which represents those very things. It’s as if divine protection, faith, and a higher understanding are with us through the changes and challenges that we might have to go through now.

Some people will have to let go of some circumstances and people around this eclipse, but since this is also a New Moon the likelihood that you will receive something new is big! The changes that come might also be very sudden and unexpected.

Sagittarius is also the sign of freedom, and I think it’s time to be straight right now and tell things as they are. I’ve avoided speaking about politics on my page but now I think it has gotten too far to avoid the subject. Many people on earth are experiencing a full-scale war on their human rights right now and in particular their freedom rights. We are in dark times that’s for sure. However, Sagittarius is associated with “truth” so I believe that we can see some significant truths (or lies!) come out around the days of this eclipse.

On a personal level, Sagittarius and Gemini natives are the ones who are going to feel this eclipse the most, but only if you are born between the dates stated below. But remember that the actual changes might occur up to 6 months after this eclipse.

Sagittarius Dec 1-6 Gemini June 1-6

Also if you know that you have important planets or points around 12 degrees of Gemini or Sag. In that case, you will likely be affected by this eclipse too.

Do you need help to navigate the personal changes of the eclipse season? Send me a message if you want to know more about my private readings.

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