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Exciting new ventures! Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo

This is a continuation of my previous blog post

So if you are near to the 18th degree as I wrote in my previous post it’s very likely that you will become involved in one or more of the following areas over the next 15 years:

- Hi-tech and futuristic fields.

- The internet takes a central role for you

- Research, particularly scientific research

- Humanitarian pursuits and organizations

- Working for a greater cause as a whole

- Astrology ( yes it’s true lol! )

- Anything related to flying or great heights

- Communities of people working for a common purpose

- forming new important friendships

Whatever you decide to do over the coming years connected to one or more of these fields, you can be sure that it somehow has a deep purpose for your development in this lifetime.

Do you want to know in extensive detail how this will play out for you based on your exact birth data? Welcome to book a personal reading with me by sending me a personal message.

Image: Damian Drewniak

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