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Dramatic shifts in life - The nodes of the Moon

Transits to the Moon's nodes in the birth horoscope are often overlooked, I noticed. But they are extremely powerful and often life-altering, and most often when an outer planet comes to conjunct your natal South or North node. A couple of years ago I had Pluto joining my natal South node. My life was turned completely upside down and I was even near death. I wanted to tell you this story one day but it’s a quite long one and I need to find time to put it into words.

Not everyone who has Pluto transiting their nodes will almost die, don’t worry. There are thousands of ways this can express and your whole birth horoscope has to be analyzed. Many times transits to the Moon's nodes can be extremely positive because they are propelling us faster into our destined future ( which the nodes have to do with)

Watch out for when Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, or Chiron comes near to the nodes of the Moon in your birth horoscope. The transits of the outer planets to the nodes are so long also! Around 2 years of time.

The symbol of the Moon’s nodes in the horoscope diagram looks similar to the Leo symbol.

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