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One of the difficult things with having your own business is that there are sooo many different things to do besides the main thing - doing client readings! It's marketing, customer support, maintaining the website, etc, etc...but I'm not complaining I still wouldn't change it for anything else. At the moment I have many testimonials like this one that I haven't published here on my website yet. By the way, you ARE following me on Facebook huh? Because it's there I am mostly active at the moment, not here. But I'm planning to change that too soon.

Full testimonial:

"First, I did my birth chart with Mila. It really helped me to better understand who am I and my path. I got surprised to see the cohesion between the planet placements and the story of my life until now. Then I did the motherhood chart, which was amazing! It’s supporting me in this particular life area. I highly recommend Mila’s works and knowledge."


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