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Chiron Venus - The love wound

The last couple of days Chiron have been in alignment with Venus in Aries. This will continue for about 2 days more. If this alignment has been making aspects to your natal planets issues of self-worth that interfere with your ability to love and relate to others may have arisen.

This came up for you to acknowledge that healing needs to be done.

In Mythology Chiron was a Centaur who was abandoned by his Mother, but later taken under the wings of different mythological Gods who teached him many different arts of life. One of them was Astrology.

I’ve observed something very interesting now for many years. Around 70 percent of my Astrology clients have a prominent Chiron placement. There is a real interest for Astrology in these people. As above so below…

If you have a personal planet at around 3 degrees of the cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cap, or Cancer you are going through a longer period of healing parts of yourself right now.

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