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Chariklo – The mystical female of the Saturn Pluto conjunction

Most of us are probably a bit tired of all the talk about the Saturn Pluto conjunction. But how many of you know about the Centaur Chariklo ( minor planet) who is very much part of this powerful conjunction?

It's difficult to find information about this Centaur but the little information that I have found seem positive and interesting. If you have any information on Chariklo please share it! Another very interesting thing for me personally is that I discovered that my daughter has Chariklo conjunct her natal Moon! This could mean that I as a Mother, or her upbringing in general embody the energy of Chariklo.

The information I’ve found is that Chariklo was the wife of Centaur Chiron. So she was the person who stood by a partner who had a lifelong wound. Only that information tells us quite a lot about who she where?

She was also a Healer and Mentor herself. Her healing capacity lied in “holding space”. Another word for it is “Being present” This for situations that involved transitioning, such as big life changes; birth, death, and healing after sickness for example. So she seems to have been a lot in service to others. She is also associated with great strength. This strength seems to be connected to her ability to be present. This is interesting I think.

Being present can seem like an easy thing to do when you first think about it, but it’s actually something that many people struggle with today. I think that being present holds an enormous treasure. The present moment is the only thing that we have, and the only one who lives fully is the one who can capture the present moment.

So what could all this have to do with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn? Well I was thinking that maybe by embodying the qualities of Chariklo we can easier navigate the challenges of the Saturn Pluto conjunction? The conjunction will affect our lives personally and collectively still for a long time to come.

What are your thoughts on Chariklo? Have you seen where it is placed in your birth horoscope?

Chariklo is right now at 27 degrees of Capricorn

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