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Cancer Full Moon today Work-life balance

The Cancer full Moon today shines a light on our emotional needs, safety, and home life contra our responsibilities and duties in the outer world. An ever-present conflict for many “modern people”.

The days around this full moon can be a time to accept this struggle and try to find a balance somehow.

The energy of the Moon is strong in Cancer so this can be a sensitive full Moon. Since it’s a very emotional sign. Contradictory though Cancer is also one of the toughest signs in my opinion.

A few days just before this full moon an annoying buzzing appeared in my flat. All hours of the day. I’ve been sneaking around the neighborhood and neighbor's doors trying to find out where it comes from without a result.

Sometimes issues related to the sign of the full moon ( home in this case) appear on the days around the full Moon. I’m definitely going full moon crazy right now, but I have hope the problem will solve itself once the full moon fades.

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