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Aries Full Moon today. You can do it!

(Aries, Libra, Capricorn,& Cancer special info) We have a fiery Full Moon in Aries today. This one will push you into action, maybe triggered by anger or injustice. But the Sun is in Libra asking you to consider the other's viewpoint too. There’s a lot of impulsivity in the air as Uranus squares Venus simultaneously. There’s a saying when it comes to Uranus's energy: "Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water." Here I would change it to: Don’t throw out your boyfriend/ girlfriend ( or other relationship) with the bathwater. Uranus Venus can make us make rash decisions. In order to tame this nervous and impulsive energy it’s a good idea to spice up your relationships in some way whatever that means for you. Because boredom can be the one thing that triggers you now. On a very positive note if you look at what triggers you you can find out what your real values ( Venus) are and what you really want, and then go after it boldly and bravely like a true Aries warrior! If you are one of the cardinal signs mentioned in the headline this Full Moon may be very personal for you but it could be in a triggering and challenging way, but only if you’ve got your planet(s) around 5 degrees of one of these signs + - 3 degrees on each side. And all the air and fire signs with planet(s) around 5 degrees may reach a positive culmination point in their life right now. Life area depending on exact birth data. 20 % celebration discount on all my private readings only until October 13!! Send me a message under "Contact" to the right above to book.

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