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Are you a Sun or a Moon person?

Depending on if you where born in daytime or nighttime you will express either the Sun or the Moon of your horoscope stronger.

Taking myself as an example. I was born I daytime so in my chart the symbol of the Sun is in the upper half of the horoscope wheel. – The Sun was above the horizon in real life when I was born. I definitely identify more with my Sun sign than my Moon sign, I have a very strong urge to express my Sun qualities ( also the house of my Sun) and my Moon qualities are always a little bit more in the back ground.

But if you are instead born after sunset and before sunrise – The Sun symbol in the lower half of the horoscope wheel. Then you will identify much more with your Moon sign, and your Sun sign qualities will automatically stand a little bit behind.

A person with the Sun dominant will also be more focused on achievements in the outer world, while a Moon person will be more focused on personal relationships.

This was a very simple explanation, there is much more to this. Of course we also have to look at the personal horoscope as a whole, to see other factors that might modify the night or day factor. Schedule your personal horoscope reading with me. Verbal or written reports.

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