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Aquarius Struggles & achievements

( Born around February 10 only)

Many Aquarians are experiencing the influence of Saturn currently, Saturn creates challenges in the form of delays, obstacles, or even criticism from others sometimes. This is a pivotal point in time for you my dear Aquarius as this influence comes in only every 30th year, and it comes with the purpose for you to achieve your dreams!

Despite the challenges of Saturn, there are very positive sides to this period too, although you might not feel it when you are in the middle of this influence. The Universe is asking you to mature to your true life purpose. Sometimes this comes through the way that the universe restricts you in some kind of way, or puts extra pressure on you. Know that all this is happening so that you can become more in control of your own life!

Some very positive sides to this influence can be for example:

- You getting more positive responsibility, which helps your self-confidence to grow - You reaching an important goal - You get recognition for some kind of achievement

This is a period in life that is about hard work and practicality, and the more you accept this the more you are likely to reap the rewards of Saturn a bit later on. The cute thing with Saturn is that he gives very long-lasting and solid results.

Depending on your time and location of birth this will play out very differently for different Aquarians. The themes that will play out and the specific life areas affected can only be seen with exact birth data. If you know that you are experiencing this influence right now? How do you feel about it?

Right now Aquarians born near February 10 are experiencing this influence. If you are born later on in the Aquarius period you will have this influence very soon. If you are born before February 10 you’ve already had this influence.

Image: Marketa Novak

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