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Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio & Taurus. Hard work that shouldn’t be avoided.

If you are born in the very beginning of one of these signs you are having a Saturn transit right now, or very soon depending on the exact date when you were born. Saturn periods are important phases where you can get closer to your real life goals, but it can also feel as if a “dry spell” just has taken over your life. You may feel as if you are drowning in uninspiring responsibilities, or you are burdened by restrictions that you can’t figure out how to remove from your life. This is not happening for nothing you should know that, no planet wants to do us bad, only good. So what does Saturn want from you by treating you this poorly?

Well Saturn transits are about building for a stable and secure future. It’s also a very material energy, so the best thing you can do during a Saturn transit is getting down to business and work hard towards what you want. Saturn always rewards hard work, but usually a bit later after the transit. Saturn gives the most material rewards of any planet as long as you accept Saturn’s hard work.

The worst thing that you could do when having a Saturn transit is trying to avoid responsibilities, this will always backfire somehow. There’s a lot to say about Saturn transits, and there are many ways you can work with Saturn to make this period easier and more fruitful, this was some of it.

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