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April Astrology - Love is not gone

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

21 April. Saturn squares Venus

The Saturn square to Venus is active again for the second time this month. Saturn starves what it touches but it also gives form and structure. Venus is our self worth, our ability to love and to receive love. When Saturn squares Venus it can feel as if love is out of reach, you can feel alone even in the midst of family and friends. Or you could be temporary separated from your love. If you recognize yourself don't let these bad feelings take over you completely but let them exist and look at them calmly. Try to define for yourself what it is that is missing. April is a good month to come to a better understanding of what YOU need to feel good. This is something we sometimes forget while rushing through life. If you discover that you don't have what you need to feel good, make an action plan towards getting more of what you need. Saturn in a square demands action and practical steps. If you feel separated from people around you spend quality time with them. Saturn favors quality in front of quantity so better to simplify your life this month. Take it cool and know that this too shall pass. 

If you are personally affected by this square depends a lot on your personal birth chart. For your personal report go to "Readings".

Photo credit: Steve Mccurry 

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