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Invitation to the underworld

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The energy gradually shifts from lighthearted Libra to heavy Scorpio. The Sun is still in Libra but Mercury has entered Scorpio and joins forces with Venus, Jupiter and the Moon already there.

As the leaves changes colors and the wind gets chillier we want to gather inside, to prepare for the Winter. It's something instinctive about it. The energy turns inward and become less active on the outside. At first it looks as if something is going to die, but that’s an illusion.

If you know well a Scorpio person you know that everything is calm, almost dead on the outside but on the inside there's full activity going on. However this will never be revealed. The same with Autumn and Winter. The activity is on the inside.

The sign Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. Also named “Hades” in Greek mythology. Hades was God of the underworld and feared among the living. But in the underworld also all kinds of riches of the world could be found… gems, minerals and diamonds.

With the invitation to the underworld comes offers of riches too…for the ones who dare to enter.

Don’t be afraid of the darkness and cold.

Symbolically speaking the underworld and Winter is the unconscious part of a human while Summer is the conscious self. Only by facing our shadow aka descend into the underworld we can pick up the diamonds…

The person born in Scorpio is daring, focused, and often get to taste the underworld once or twice in their lifetime.

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