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About me​

Thanks for dropping by! My name is Mila and I live together with my soul companion in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the central southern parts of this beautiful Capital. Although I’m not terribly old my life this far has been one of numerous inner and outer journeys. As a person with strong Sagittarius traits I need to experience life through both traveling and consuming literature that I feel helps me to come closer to some kind of deeper understanding of this earthly experience.

I have traveled most parts of Europe and lived and worked in several countries for periods. My longest journey I have taken though and I am still travelling is the one of Astrology. Growing up in a family with themes of codependency, abuse, and personality disorders I needed to understand what was happening to me. I took my escape in to books trying to learn and better understand my environment. Not only for this reason though but for the simple joy I found in reading! This is how I discovered Astrology as a young teenager.

I found books about in depth Astrology and realized fast that this was light years away from the generalized magazine horoscopes. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I understood that some major circumstances in my life was already written down by people that didn’t even know about my existence! Shock of my life to say the least...

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I can help you

It's important that you enjoy your journey. That way you will end up exactly where you're supposed to be. Maybe you've had a gut feeling that you could do so much more or simply FEEL so much better? That is because there is and you’ve already done half of the job by sensing this. From that space, my job is to guide you to your highest purpose from the information given by your BIRTH HOROSCOPE. As all people, you came here with a purpose. If you want to follow or not is your decision. I pass you all the information given by your birth chart and from there it is all up to you. You will notice at first that some things that I mention your intuition has already spoken about.

My readings are made from my heart space, compassionate and intuitive. Most important of all is that you feel comfortable during the reading so that our interaction can flow easily. Besides my theoretical background within the field of Astrology and Psychology, my life experiences have given me a multifaceted experience of life, something that I could not have acquired solely through theoretical training. I am thankful for those experiences and I use them often in my counseling.

If you want to know the story about me click “About me”. Most of my reports are written ones, but I also offer consultations over a video call or telephone. 


Yesterday my best friend saw the whole reading. She got interested in having one! I felt more relaxed and acceptance to myself after the reading, i also found a little peace of heaven in the world like i belong more. Again, thank you Mila



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