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Virgo - PURE

Period 23/8 - 22/9

Virgo is that Zodiac sign that you wont notice at first. But when you get to know them you realize that these people are very clever and wise. They just wont make a show about it. As all Zodiac signs Virgo posses a certain Super power. Virgos power is the knowledge of the body & mind connection. Virgos knows that without a healthy body our mind can not work properly, and wise versa.

You've probably heard that ancient proverb: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. That sums up Virgos wisdom quite well.

People born during the Virgo period you can often find in health professions, such as the ones dealing with healthy food, nutrition, exercise or the esoteric fields such as Yoga – dealing with the body mind connection.

Many Virgos give out an aura of pureness and innocence (weather they are male or female) and this is probably why you wont notice them at first, because they are not into bling and glitter like for example Leo. Because of their healthy and modest living, they usually look healthy and young ( maybe that's why so many models happen to be Virgos?)

As always if you are born in this sign and you don’t recognize yourself it could be that in your very personal birth chart based on exact time and place of birth you have predominance of other Zodiac signs, Sun sign characteristics are always general.

What other signs can learn from Virgo.

- Life is not about accumulating possessions. If you take care of your body and mind you will feel so good about yourself that these things will feel redundant. Invest in taking care of your body and mind. Meditation, gym card, or just a relaxing walk with a friend who doesn’t stress you…you know best yourself what is good for you. Virgos has a sensitive nervous system and knows what harm negative stress can cause.

- Minimalism. The less things you have the less things can stress you, also the less you have to work for buying these things, and this in turn will give you more time for taking care of your body and mind temple. Genius! ( I know the Pic is completely anti minimalism! ;) )

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