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Venus retrograde in Gemini ~ Divine messages

Venus Retrograde fascinates me so I want to talk a bit more about it. Venus will stay a very long time in Gemini because of the retrograde motion. (About six weeks) This gives us some clues about how retrograde messages will try to reach us. ( For example that karmic lover I was talking about in a previous post ;) ) Gemini rules all kinds of communication devices, think telephone, online chat, all social media, but also old-style written messages. Anyone uses carrier pigeon nowadays? Gemini also rules the neighborhood where you live and short distance travel. Through all these mediums and locations I’ve mentioned, messages from Venus can reach you. So keep yourself open to receiving, and notice when the Universe tries to speak to you. I will talk more about what the messages can be about in another post. It will be interesting to see what happens to those of you who have important placements in Gemini.

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