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Many planets in one house? You've got the stellium.

People with a stellium in their birth horoscope are tough ones. A stellium is when many planets gathers in one house. These people get hit harder by any transit from the outer planets, Pluto, Nept, Jupiter etc. 

And it’s really for good or for worse. When a lovely trine comes a long from let’s say Neptune it will hit each planet one by one during the course of many years, in this case could create a very creative and “dreamy” life phase. Maybe even a few dreams coming true. 

BUT when Pluto comes a long creating a square to each of the planets one by one their whole life will be tested for many years. 

Exactly how it can play out depends on the personal birth horoscope of course. I find it very very interesting with stelliums and the people who carry them. Schedule your personal reading (based on time and location of birth) with me. Click "Contact" in the upper right corner.

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