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Libra New Moon, Pluto goes direct Oct 6

( Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer special info)

The Libra Party continues as the Moon and the Sun join together today and creates the New Moon. A new dawning within one-to-one relationships appears. But with Mars close to both Sun and the Moon people can be acting reactively and easily fired up. Any person can use this energy constructively by being action-oriented in general or release some energy through sports.

In another corner of the cosmos, Pluto shackles his chains and returns from the underworld, on this very day. In common words, Pluto leaves the retrograde phase and goes direct! People born with personal planets in the very last degrees of the above-mentioned signs will soon have their Pluto transit. A period of big transformation and psychological work.

Don’t forget to check what life area ( house) the New Moon activates for you. 13 degrees of Libra. It’s somewhere for everyone no matter what sign you are born under.

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