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2021 Brief forecast

Happy New Year my Astrology friends!

2021 brief forecast ( Applies to all) (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio special information) Don't get afraid of the dystopian image, but I think it’s extremely important now and next year to be very very conscious about what world we are creating if we care for ourselves and the next generations.. A big theme for 2021 will be control ( old world order) versus freedom for the people. I also think it’s very important that everyone understands that the Covid measurements are not solely in order to protect people as we are being told. The Saturn Uranus square happening in Aquarius and Taurus that will be active in 2021 is very much part of this friction between top-down control versus freedom for the people. The freedom theme does not only have to do with Covid but can be seen as a theme that applies to everything this year. If you are born at the beginning of the fixed signs ( Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus) you may feel a particularly strong urge for more freedom and authentic living in your life. This freedom you want will not come for free, unfortunately. As Saturn ( control, status quo) is making a difficult aspect to your placement. But on the positive side, the stress that you will experience will likely force you to make some positive changes in regards to more freedom in your life. Yes, as two important planets have moved into Aquarius ( the people) and left Capricorn behind can be considered a strong sign that the power can shift more to the people now, instead of government control. BUT this is dependent on how we choose to handle this situation. Will we protest? Will we make our voices heard? In the worst-case scenario, Saturn in Aquarius can represent deep control of the masses. Probably through advanced technology which is Aquarius. In any case, it will not be a smooth ride...there will be many organized protests in 2021. We ARE going through exceptional times. Do you want to use these exceptional openings in 2021 to make exceptional changes in your life? Or will you let it pass? Because Aquarius energy will bring lots of opportunities for change.

You can still schedule your 2021 personal Astrology forecast report. It’s in-depth and deeply personal, based on your exact birth data. Welcome!

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