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A full Moon story

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

 Full Moon 14.12 2016

This Full Moon in Gemini was opposed by Saturn. First thought: The horror!! No it doesn’t have to be, there are many positive things going on simultaneously but for some reason I happened to pick up on the most tense vibrations.

For months now there has been a horrific renovation going on in my house. I have Saturn transiting my fourth house of home environment and Saturn is an earth energy and he likes to…build! – Among other things. He likes to build in a brutal way also because that’s his character simply. It’s not for nothing he stands as “The devil” in Tarot plus he eats his own children in mythology. He’s been eating on me lately…inside my own home! Fortunately it hasn’t been constant but at this full Moon it peaked.

The finish date of this renovation has been delayed for a long time now .Saturn – delays.

The Full Moon in my personal chart happened in my tenth house opposing Saturn in the fourth.( see my chart) And yes that’s exactly how I felt. Double pressure on the Moon - home safety. The fourth house is ruled by the Moon, and here we have the Full Moon opposing Saturn the Devil in the fourth house. My only hope is that this is the culmination process of this terrible renovation, since a full Moon is precisely that, a culmination of something related to your home or emotional life. Hopefully, and an end….to my suffering!

During the night I suffered terrible nightmares related to my home and safety… of course. Since I am a highly sensitive person and becomes even more so at a Full Moon I seem to pick up things before they happens. My inner radar knew that I was going to be woken up brutally at 7 o’clock by drilling at the magnitude of an earthquake.  So I was tossing around in bed sweating and dreaming themes of separation. (Saturn)I dreamed that I was abandoned by my closest in the most brutal way imaginable. They came to my house cleaned it of all my belongings and left me, refusing to give any explanation at all. I begged cried and screamed for an explanation but I got none. They just left.

 A Full Moon amplifies the emotions, sometimes completely out of proportion. But I also believe that it gives us keys to our unconscious if we are willing to listen.The Moon is the part of us that is hidden but when the Moon is full this hidden part becomes highlighted. We should pay extra attention to the night dreams and symbols that we receive under a Full Moon. Also a Full Moon influenced by Saturn by hard angel (180 degrees) will most certainly bring out unconscious fears about the area which is affected in the personal chart - in my case my home and safety.  

Here it was the Full Moon itself in all its glory there at the top of my chart in the tenth house for worldly achievement poking me for attention. – You’ve got work to do! Documents to write, clients that waits for you!! Uhu…let me just take a nap first…After all the evening ended in a truly Neptunian spirit of the positive type. An amazingly beautiful and soulful Christmas concert in church. You've got to befriend Saturn, meet him where he belongs and right now he belongs in church since he's currently transiting Sagittarius :) 

I give you my chart for you to study the transiting spectacle of the Moon and Saturn. 

If you enjoyed my Full Moon story, feel free to share it with others :)

Peace & Astrology /Mila

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